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CEO's Message
(Hope and Challenges)

We promise to grow into a R&D-centered manufacturing
company with creation, challenges and
unstoppable passion.


Thank you so much for visiting
Seahyun Korea Co., Ltd. website.

 The will, hope and boundless challenges of
Seahyun Korea Co., Ltd.
No pain No gain, No dream No future

 The 21st century ICT business is building a huge earth-platform linking materials and parts, products and services, between services as the heart of Creation Industry beyond the fusion.

 Seahyun Korea holds its own R&D skills centered on Optoelectronics Industry and has embarked on a non-stop
journey through new materials and IT convergence.

 We, Seahyun Korea is preparing for next-generation communication network-centric warfare centered on collecting a variety of big data according to climate change, WDM + Ring optical transmission technology for reliability, security/EMC/EMP guard, wireless or copper wires-replaceable POF optical transmission technology on low electric power.

 Additionally, we are proceeding with Bio-IT convergence business that will be the leader of upcoming life-centered society. We never stop challenging to create the value of future growth applying Bio material business for damaged muscles, regeneration/treatment of skin and Binaural hearing-aids business that completed government project supported by Samsung Hospital, Samsung Electronics, Kyungpook National University etc. and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

 We, Seahyun Korea will not stop but constantly grow.