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We promise to grow into a R&D-centered manufacturing
company with creation, challenges and
unstoppable passion.


The will, hope and boundless challenges of Seahyun Korea Co., Ltd.
No pain No gain, No dream No future

Venture Company Certification acquired
Establishment and registration the Future Fusion
Technology Laboratory
Development and supply of Railway Fiber Line
Monitoring System
Establishment of a company specializing in Optical Network R&D

2012.09 ~ Present
New technologies development project with an option to purchase of Small & Medium Business Administration
(Co-business on localization of defense parts with Defense Agency for Technology and Quality)
Agreement on co-tech development and industrialization with Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit
2010.12 ~ 2012.06
Construction and Transportation Technology Industrialization assistance project
(Developing L2 Switching network system in and between urban rail vehicles based on POF)
Development of WDM-ring-typed Optical Transmission equipments and a supply contract

Registration of patent - A composition for damaged tissue healing or promoting tissue regeneration
A patent application - 
Cell culture device, monitoring cell culture and controlling system using light transmittance
Agreement with Industry - University cooperation of Kyungpook University
Appointment as a consultant for Stem cell treatment technology laboratory of Kyungpook National University (Promoting research in Bio-IT area )
MOU with Stem cell treatment technology laboratory of Kyungpook National University
2010.05 ~ 2012.04
Promoting and leading project of Daegyeong Economic Region
(Blood pressure measurement communication module development project for network / built-in type of u-health care)
2008.10 ~ 2013.09
General technology development business for Bio-Medical devices of Ministry of Knowledge Economy
(Seoul Samsung Hospital, Samsung Electronics, Kyungpook National University etc. participating in environment adaptive Binaural Hearing Aids)